Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in the market actively looking to get tailored residential flooring done, you’ve come to the right place! At M&J Brother's Flooring, LLC, we have access to the right tools, are highly trained, and have worked on numerous flooring projects over the years. On this comprehensive page, we are addressing several of the most common queries that we have gotten over the years, and are doing our best to be fully transparent and reliable. We hope this FAQ page helps our clients to determine if hiring us is a worthwhile investment for them. The approaches that we adopt are second to none across the entire Hyattsville, MD area.

What are the perks of custom floors?

A custom flooring service can ensure that your precise creative visions are executed without any deviations. They are the right approach to adopt if you want to make sure that your floors meet the rest of your interior aesthetic with ease and without any causes for concern arising. Professionals in flooring can even make certain suggestions that can prove to be incredibly beneficial to customers, especially if they are uncertain about any part of the equation.

How to deal with laminate floors?

If you are looking to get laminate flooring installation services done, then do not attempt to undertake this long and tedious process on your own without the right training and equipment that is necessary. Attempting to do this type of laborious job yourself can lead to a lot of work and invested time, without a guarantee of quality results. Instead, hiring experts can make sure that your laminate flooring additions are done with ease.

Is new flooring worth the investment?

Yes. Brand new flooring, be it ceramic tile flooring or any other material if installed properly, can significantly increase the value of the entire property on the open market and make it look more inviting and visually pleasing. Professionals can make sure that the new floors are installed with perfection and using the materials that property owners desire without any issues.

How to deal with flooring repairs?

If you are looking for hardwood floor repairs or general floor fixes, then we’ve got you covered. Our experience helps us make sure that the finishes that we provide our customers tie together the newly repaired floors with the rest of the flooring, making it blend together seamlessly. We are highly reliable and skilled experts that have made an active effort over the years to be as affordable as possible.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes. We are insured and bonded. Our work ethic and the approach that we adopt for every new project both speak for themselves.

Do you offer warranties?

Yes. We are very confident about the level of workmanship and overall finishes that we can bring to the table for our customers and, hence, offer warranties on all our services. This is also another factor for why we have grown exponentially over the years and have become the trusted choice for flooring across town.

After spending some time going over this page, we hope that you are now confident about hiring us to address all your flooring needs. However, if you have additional queries in mind that you would like addressed before making a hire, then simply reach out to M&J Brother's Flooring, LLC at (301) 265-2005. We will be more than happy to provide our clients with spotless and cost-effective solutions that are second to none across the entire Hyattsville, MD area.